Pennsylvania law allows for public school students to be released from classes once per week for religious instruction.  What an amazing opportunity to reach otherwise unchurched children with the gospel, and to encourage and disciple children who have already trusted Christ as Savior.

  • Each week, trained teachers, workers present  Bible lessons, memory verses, Bible songs, and a missionary story to an average of 200 children in four different school districts across Wayne and Pike Counties.
  • Students must have written parental permission to attend. This is NOT sponsored by the school district or Department of Education but by Wayne-Pike CEF.  The students are transported to a nearby church or public building by a school bus.

Bible lessons are presented in a variety of ways, including the traditional favorite, flannelgraph.  In this age of technology and video, the flannelgraph still captures the attention of the children in a unique way.  Other lessons are presented with flashcards or other creative means.

If you would like to register your child online: Sign Up Here!